September 2017

THE SUPER will soon be available for streaming on VIMEO in HD. United States and Canada are not the only lucky ones, the rest of world will have an opportunity to stream or dowload the entire movie.

Never before has THE SUPER been released in HD and those who purchase the download will also be able to access BONUS extras when they become available.

The BONUS extras will include "never released" scenes, outtakes, behind-the-scenes hijinks and commentaries. They will roll out slowly throughout the year and you will get a notification each time a new BONUS extra is made available.

We will have a mailing list, so you can be notified sooner.

One special note for our European fans: When we hit a 1000 VIMEO sales online, we will have subtitles made in 3 languages (Spanish, German and French). If you purchased the download, you will be notified when the subtitles are available and you will get them for free.

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