The Super

Don’t Bother Locking Your Doors. He Has The Keys.

Noose Hill Entertainment is an indie film production company created solely for the sake of making a feature film titled, “The Super.” The company was established in 2010 before production began. Today, Noose Hill will use this site to promote the movie. Ramblings on this site will uncover production successes, missteps, logistical acrobats, budgetary details and distribution nightmares. If you are passing by or a curious filmmaker, this site will certainly have a nugget of information to make your jaw drop, or save you from making a mistake on your ultra low-budget movie masterpiece.

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The current release of The Super is on DVD. It delivers a lower resolution that compliments the grindhouse-style of exploitative storytelling. However, for those looking for gritty details, now for the first time, we are releasing The Super in HD through Vimeo’s VoD streaming venue. You can rent for 48 hours or purchase the movie DRM-free for download. NOW Available!

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The “Red Scare Edition” DVD

Less than 400 are available. These are the original first-run DVDs. They contain an additional two-minutes of unspeakable horror directed by Andrey Iskanov, acclaimed Russian filmmaker of “Philosophy of a Knife.” For a limited time, each DVD will come with a 5×7 poster card and 11×17 poster. Get them while supplies last.

The Super – Film Facts

  • Shot over the course of 8 months
  • 47-day production schedule
  • Shot on a HVX200 in HD/24p
  • Production costs approx. $11,500
  • Marketing costs ran over $13,000
  • Won 7 awards in 3 film festivals
  • Banned in Australia


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Widescreen 16:9 DVD – Color – NTSC – 100 Mins.

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Bonus Extras

Starting in October, Noose Hill Entertainment will be releasing “The Super” bonus extras on Vimeo for those who purchase the download. The extras will be released intermittently and customers will be notified. Here is what you can expect:

  • Approx. 18-mins of deleted scenes
  • Extended Scenes
  • Interview with Lynn Lowry on set
  • Outrageous Outtakes
  • and much more…
Demetri Kallas
Lynn Lowry
Ron Necro Braunstein
Edgar Moye

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